Trees and shrubs

Not all shrubs and trees will thrive in areas where floods are frequent, including most evergreen shrubs.  


But all is not lost - there is a wide variety of shrubs and trees that positively revel in these challenging conditions, for example:


1.Willows - from small Kilmarnock to tall

2.Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea - purple leaves

3.Cornus sibirica - the adaptable dogwood

4.Sambucus - elders of all colours

5.Symphoricarpos - a pretty shrub

6. Mahonia (x media & aquifolium) - both evergreen

7. Cotoneaster Cornubia - mainly evergreen, grows into a small tree

8. Lonicera pilata - low growing tough evergreen shrub

9. Pseudosasa japonica - an impressive big bamboo that is largely evergreen

10. Evergreen privet - not very exciting perhaps, but a great screening plant & difficult to kill!  Even if it loses its lower leaves in a flood, they will come back.



Pictured: cornus sibirica, one of the dogwood family, which makes a handsome, fast growing shrub.  Elegantissima is particularly flood-hardy and has pretty variegated foliage.

cornus sibirica